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Suitable for Any Meat

  • Beef

  • Lamb

  • Venison

  • Pork

  • Poultry

  • Duck

  • Fish



Insert Thermometer - Set Desired Temperature - Enjoy
App Will Notify You When Food Is Ready!


Insert Thermometer - Set Desired Temperature - Enjoy
App Will Notify You When Food Is Ready!

Take the guesswork out of grilling meat using the Wamoma Smart Thermometer – the best way to ensure a perfectly cooked cut every time!

This little gadget comes equipped with dual precision sensors in order to accurately measure the internal temperature and the temperature around the meat. This allows users to cook their meat to perfection, inside and out.

It's ideal for outdoor cooking enthusiasts and works with a wide range of appliances. It can be used as an oven/food smoker thermometer as well as a hot grill thermometer.

Additionally, included free of charge with each purchase is the Probe T app. Simply pair your wireless meat thermometer with it and enjoy setting your desired temperatures. Once the food is fully cooked, the free app sends a notification to your device. Users can now enjoy time away from the grill with the peace of mind that their food won’t overcook.

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    Developed & Recommended by Chefs

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    Accurate, Reliable Temperature Readings

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    Perfect Cooks Through a Guided System

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    Guaranteed Gourmet Grilling

Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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Follow 3 Easy Steps
To Master Any Grill

With the Wamoma Smart Thermometer, cooking meat to your liking has never been easier!

  • 1

    Insert Thermometer

    First, insert the Wamoma Smart Thermometer in the meat, stopping when you reach the spot between the handle and the safety notch.

  • 2

    Set Desired Temperature

    Connect to the Probe T app and choose the temperature you need for your meat or one of the guided pre-sets.

  • 3


    Keep an eye on the progress of your meat through the app and get notified when the food is done cooking. Enjoy your perfectly cooked meal thanks to this essential kitchen tool!

Can be Used with any Kitchen Appliance / Outdoor Equipment

The Wamoma Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer can be used both indoors with regular kitchen appliances and outdoors during barbecues!

  • Smokers

  • Ceramic Grills

  • Kettle Grills

  • Ovens

  • Coal Grills

Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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The Easier and Smarter Way
To Cook Any Meat

Read on to discover what makes the Wamoma Smart Food Thermometer the kitchen gadget every meat-lover should own.

Up to 165 Feet

Due to its long wireless range, users can monitor their cooking progress from over 160 feet away. This allows them to join the fun, relax, or even get work done while their meat is cooking perfectly.

Long Battery

The Wamoma Wireless Meat Thermometer comes with a charging dock and recharges within five to ten minutes. After a single charge, the battery lasts up to four hours of continuous grilling.

  • 300


  • 1000


Advanced Precision Sensors

Unlike other meat thermometers, this gadget comes equipped with powerful dual sensors capable of monitoring the temperature inside the meat as well as the ambient temperature around it. This ensures that each cut is cooked exactly right.

Probe T

Each purchase of the Wamoma thermometer comes with access to the Probe T app, from which users can easily monitor the progress of their food, even while away from the grill.


This wireless thermometer is durable and 100% water-resistant, making it easy to clean with running water.

304 Stainless
Steel Build

It is also made using the highest quality material to ensure that it won’t get damaged by rust and, instead, lasts you a lifetime.

Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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Use the AI Powered App to
Monitor the Progress of Your Food

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app-store star

Get Help
When Needed

  • Choose Your Meat Type
  • See Cooking Guide
  • Set It & Relax

Set The Cooking Temperature

  • Choose Your Meat Type
  • Select the Cooking Temp.
  • Select the Cooking Style


  • Sit Back & Relax While Cooking
  • Use the App to Monitor the Food
  • Get Notifications When It’s Done

Remember Your Cooks

  • Log Your Previous BBQs
  • Refer Back When Needed
  • Use Them Over and Over

Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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Why the Wamoma
Thermometer is The Best

Wamoma is best-in-show due to its amazing quality, ease of use, many functions, and top-tier technology. The meal planning and cooking process has never been easier and more enjoyable than with this versatile kitchen gadget.

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  • Only One Sensor
  • Unreliable & Inaccurate
  • Poor Support
  • No App/ Remote Use
  • Made From Cheap Materials
  • No Refund if Faulty

Wamoma Wireless

  • Dual Precision Sensors
  • Super Reliable & Accurate
  • Probe T App Access & Support
  • Remote Use Capability
  • Quality Stainless Steel & Heat-Resistant Handle
  • Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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Beloved by Home Cooks &
Recommended by Professional Chefs

Emily J.Verified Buyer


I love that this comes with dual sensors. My steaks have never been juicier and are perfectly seared every time. I’ve become a culinary master!

Michael S.Verified Buyer


Thanks to my new Wamoma meat thermometer, cooking has become effortless. I love how easy it is to use and that it sends a notification when my food is done. Super simple!

Sofia M.Verified Buyer


I’ve never been very confident in the kitchen and I’m always unsure whether my meat is under or overcooked. Wamoma meat thermometer has given me such a confidence boost because I know it’s going to help me cook the meat perfectly every single time.

David L.Verified Buyer


Ever since purchasing my Wamoma Smart Thermometer I have been enjoying cooking so much. If you’re looking for something stress and hassle-free, I can highly recommend this little gadget. It would be the perfect gift for any meat-lover.

Aisha P. Verified Buyer


The app that this comes with is amazing. I’m not someone who can sit still in one place for too long. The Probe T app gives me the freedom to do other chores while keeping tabs on the cooking status, without worrying about anything burning. Such a great app!

Thomas B. Verified Buyer


My new Wamoma Smart Thermometer has been a lifesaver. Since buying it, I haven’t ruined any expensive cuts of meat, and my food has been delicious! Super worth it. What a must-have!

Olivia G.Verified Buyer

I’ve tried the Wamoma meat thermometer in a variety of my home appliances and I have gotten consistently great results. It’s super easy to use, too, which is a win in my book!

Ryan N. Verified Buyer


I love smart technology and devices that make my life easier – and this little thermometer is no exception. It may be small, but the effect it has had on the quality of my cooks has been amazing! Well worth the purchase.

Claim Your 50% Discount Today
For A Limited Time Only
(Some Options Available for Free Shipping)

Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How should I clean my Wamoma Smart Thermometer?

Wait until your thermometer has cooled completely after use, then use warm water, mild soap, and a sponge to clean it.

Is the Wamoma Wireless Thermometer dishwasher safe?
What is the Wamoma Smart Thermometer’s working temperature range?
Where should I download the free Probe T app?
What is the Bluetooth Range of the Wamoma Smart Meat Thermometer?
Can I use my Wamoma thermometer for liquids (stews/soups)?
Should I use oven mitts with my Wamoma thermometer?

Claim Your 50% Discount Today
For A Limited Time Only
(Some Options Available for Free Shipping)

Guaranteed Money-Back, Up to 30 Days

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